From Maggs Day Centre

The following feedback and commentary has been provided by Maggs Day Centre: “Forgotten Feet have made remarkable progress in improving the health and wellbeing of our service users over the time they have been engaging with us.  Perhaps the most … Continue reading

Forgotten Feet

The aim of this project is to put in place a free regular chiropody/podiatry service for those most in need and least likely to have the means to access it, such as the homeless and socially isolated, at locations where … Continue reading

A Further Update

A further increase in the number of users requiring our service meant that at our original centres in Worcester & Stratford-on-Avon we sometimes had to finish despite not having seen everyone, due to meals being served and time limits. We … Continue reading

Worcester: Maggs Day Centre

The first Forgotten Feet clinic was set up at Maggs homeless/day centre.  Maggs is a registered charity located in the middle of Worcester, and offers support to rough sleepers and the socially isolated, and offers three tiers of support.  The … Continue reading