From Maggs Day Centre

The following feedback and commentary has been provided by Maggs Day Centre:

“Forgotten Feet have made remarkable progress in improving the health and wellbeing of our service users over the time they have been engaging with us.  Perhaps the most interesting measure of the beneficial effect Debi is having lies in the attitude of the service users.  When the initiative started few people were putting themselves forward for help.  As the service has gained more credence this situation has reversed, there is now an appointment system in place to cope with the high demand for help.  This is perhaps the most telling indicator of success in that there is a clear perception among the service users that their difficulties are being resolved.”

“Forgotten Feet has enabled some service users to alleviate the symptoms of painful and long term neglect of their feet allowing them to emerge from a cycle of despair.  Others have benefitted by finding the remedial action has moved them from being medically unfit for work into the fit for work category.  A third group have found the treatment and attention has helped them in developing a more positive view of life so ameliorating their mental health difficulties.”

Maggs Day Centre

“Perhaps the most profound effect has been in restoring service users faith in medical services, if they see the benefits of engaging with podiatry then it is a small step to get motivated to engage with dentists for example.”

“In summary, engagement with Forgotten Feet has had a range of positive outcomes from the direct improvement of feet to the alleviation of mental health problems with the added benefit of making it more likely for service users to engage with other medical services.”