A Further Update

A further increase in the number of users requiring our service meant that at our original centres in Worcester & Stratford-on-Avon we sometimes had to finish despite not having seen everyone, due to meals being served and time limits.

We were then getting a reasonable supply of used footwear from a variety of sources – the Sweatshop sports goods store donated many pairs of trainers and some patients were collecting and handing over shoes and socks.   These are a valuable resource, especially when winter is looming.

We received donated podiatry items from The Worcester Chiropody & Podiatry Practice – particularly useful are decommissioned but still useable instruments – and a donation of new instruments such as fine nippers, scalpel handles and files was also much appreciated.

Part of the success of our service is that by engaging with hard to reach people, barriers were gradually start to come down, making it more likely that they may engage with other healthcare professionals – an important element of the Forgotten Feet project is showing that we care and taking the time to build up trust.

We also had the following further feedback:

Clive from the Stratford Link project said that they “… really appreciate Debbie and Lydia visiting us usually every 6 weeks, not only do they provide their professional chiropody services free of charge, but also provide new socks and footwear.   All this free of charge with a big smile and a compassionate hearing ear.   We all look forward to their visit to brighten up our day.”

Paul said “Debbie’s foot service is invaluable for health, hygiene and most important of all, personal esteem.  It shows that someone cares enough to hold out the hand of friendship.  We all love it.  Debbie is a wonderful person.’