Stratford-on-Avon: Stratford Link Project

The Forgotten Feet clinic in Stratford-on-Avon is held in a building at Waterside which is a free drop-in centre known as the Stratford Link project, organised and run by leading social enterprise Bromford with support from Stratford-on-Avon Council and others.  The Stratford Link project offers advice and support for people facing social exclusion for a number of reasons including homelessness, alcohol dependency, substance misuse and financial difficulty.

Our clinic in the Stratford Link drop-in centre has a good, expanding uptake of the service. There we treat homeless/rough sleepers and the socially isolated – similarly to our work in Worcester – in fact anyone feeling the need to frequent such a centre is welcome to receive treatment.

This drop-in centre offers support for a variety of issues including housing, employment and health.  Other activities run by the Stratford Link project include a music workshop, and access to an allotment where people learn to grow their own produce.

We meet an an array of very interesting characters and feet in the Stratford Link drop-in centre, all of them being treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

All get treated

All get treated

All problems are treated, and new socks issued where appropriate. The supply of simple insoles from Langers (part of LBG Medical) has been invaluable in helping to ease painful conditions caused by poor footwear, creating comfort where previously there was none, and extending the life of worn out shoes.

If you are homeless and it rains, you get very wet feet, especially if you have holes in your shoes.  Needless to say shoes and socks get soaked and there is nowhere to dry them, let alone any replacements.

Treated cleaned & new socks

Treated, cleaned & new socks

Notably, there was one client in Worcester, a lad in his early 20’s who attended the clinic following some wet weather; his feet were shocking, extremely malodourous, macerated and painful.  Inside his worn out trainers was some brown pulp, all that was left of bits of cardboard.  This was emptied out and replaced with dry PPT simple insoles.  In half an hour his feet were treated, cleaned and had new socks.

Overall, our service is very well received and we get great feedback, all of which goes to help make it so worthwhile.

Other companies who have supported our work by donating podiatry supplies include C & P Medical ( and Cannonbury Healthcare, which is very much appreciated – but not forgetting also those as well who have donated footwear and socks to grateful recipients.

Clean socks & comfortable boots

Clean socks & comfortable boots